A long long time ago, a young boy in Germany named the wooded area behind his house KOKUA. The fond memories of free play in "KOKUA" would become the name for the bike company that Rolf formed in 1997 as an adult with his wife, Beate.  Kokua Bikes GmbH, of Roetgen Germany 52159 has been built across many years of continual progression.  From the LIKEaBIKE wood series to the LIKEaBIKE aluminum "Jumper", and then to LIKEtoBIKE aluminum pedal bikes.  Now we see the basic colors expanding to meet market requests and enhance the individuality of Kokua riders.  After hours, Rolf creates beautiful ceramic bowls and Beate paints/ glazes them.  What a team!   

 It's a nice coincidence that Kokua in the Hawaiian language translates to "help".  Kokua Bikes are "helpful" bikes as LIKEaBIKE help children learn and love to ride, provide hours of gross motor development, and the LIKEtoBIKE pedal series help children with active transportation and athletic fun.  Tell kokua@kokuabikesusa.com how Kokua bikes have been helpful for you! 

Kokua Bikes USA was formed after two years of forming and operating Like a Bike Hawaii LLC for the distribution, wholesale, and fleet sales of products from Kokua Bikes GmbH.   Kokua Bikes USA, headquartered in Hawaii,  is the authorized importer and distributor of running bikes, pedal bikes, and accessories from Kokua Bikes GmbH throughout the 50 United States of America.  Kokua Bikes USA can provide you with most of the spare parts you might need to maintain your LIKEaBIKEs and LIKEtoBIKEs.  

Can you Kokua? Kokua Bikes USA would like to visit your State. By visiting locations around the USA, Kokua Bikes USA seeks to make personal connections to help excite and enable children to learn and love to ride.  Tell Kokua a story about how you or your organization could use these bikes.  


Kokua Bikes USA is alive,  let's talk story (Hawaiian expression).  Does any of the following sound familiar?

Are you a retailer interested in selling Kokua Bikes?

Buy one or more at wholesale.  Contact me today.  Text always works best to set an appointment to talk.  +1 808-222-2377  kokua@KokuaBikesUSA.com   

Are you a distributor wanting a piece of the distribution chain? 

We can negotiate price breaks for guaranteed annual 100 bikes plus.  Lets move some bikes into communities.  Contact me today.  Text always works best to set an appointment to talk.  +1 808-222-2377  kokua@KokuaBikesUSA.com  

Are you an educational institution, or a network of institutions, or a public or private business wishing to make fleet purchases?  

Great, in certain quantities depending upon product, such as four jumpers at a time for a parcel, or 26 jumpers on a "skid" (pallet).  I'm ready to make the order!  Contact me today.  Text always works best to set an appointment to talk. +1 808-222-2377  kokua@KokuaBikesUSA.com  

Brian Canevari, President of Kokua Bikes USA LLC

Four Jumpers in my bike trailer

About Kokua Bikes USA leadership

Kokua!  Here to help! 

Kokua Bikes GmbH founders 

Beate and Rolf Mertens

Call  Brian 808-222-2377

8 AM- 3PM (Hawaii Standard Time)

In 2014,  LikeAbike Hawaii was built on the desire to bring excellent quality balance bikes to Hawaii.  More bikes means more people on bikes.  More people on bikes means more facilities for bikes, creating a community where it is fun to live!  

The Kokua jumper came to me, Brian, through a search for a balance bike on craigslist.  I found the Kokua Jumper to be far superior to other balance bikes in the market for many reasons.   I wanted to bring this experience to more children.

My son has accelerated his confidence and skill on his balance bike over the past 4 years.  While he has been riding a 16" pedal bike for two years, he continues to enjoy the Kokua Jumper, especially at the Keolu skate park in Kailua and recently at Ka'a'awa Valley.  Riding around the yard is regular.  He does not need so much space.  Building leg muscles little by little, LIKEaBIKE are a workout and an enabler to keep up with the adults on long walks.  

Finding that customers have embraced the Kokua brand with the balance bikes, I have LIKEtoBIKE (pedal bikes) since June 2015.  Please inquire when you are ready to move up!  

Brian Canevari, President of Kokua Bikes USA LLC

Educated and trained as an Architect, Brian has travelled widely, using the collection of experience to help others.