Bennett at Sand Box Racing!  2015

Video and Photos submitted by a KOKUA rider!    Evan won two out of the three heats for the three year old this year at the winter nationals at Black Mountian bmx. He had just turned three a week before!  Way to go Rev'in Evan!

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June 18/19 2016  X-terra Weekend  at Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii

Kualoa Valley May 2016 - Scoping for xterra race course maintenance - video above and slideshow below.


The Kokua Team rides Kualoa Ranch Ka' a' aww Valley!  In this slideshow see Gemma riding Kokua LIKEtoBIKE 20 (8 years old), Lazz ( almost 6) on Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper special edition BLACK, and on  Kokua LIKEtoBIKE 16 Automatix, and Bennett 3.5 years old riding the Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper, pearl white.  Slide show also features baby Lincoln and grandma.  

What do you know about push run balance bikes?  I did not learn about push bikes until I studied for League cycling instructor training.‚Äč

What is it?  Two wheels with a body and parts to hold a rider of appropriate scale. 

Why use this type of bike?  :

Development of gross motor skills, self-concept, and self determination.  

Why do Schools and daycare love these bikes?  These bikes are substantially built to handle the abuse of daily use.  Too few bikes leads to overuse on the suspension elastomer behind the seat post.  Not that the bikes should be left standing during a recess, but the pounding from the larger riders is concentrated to three bikes instead of 6 or 9 or more.   

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Europe Aug. / Sept. 2016