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Roetgen, Germany 1997



What's the story you remember?

We all remember a different story.... about learning and loving to ride a bike.   

The question to ask today:

 "Is having feet flat on the ground a safer way to learn equilibrium on a bicycle?'  

The running bike fit to look for is:  standing, feet flat, with seat raised to top of inseam of the rider.    Rider holds on to the grips, sits, and pushes with both feet at one time.  This initiates the rider raising  both feet at the same time behind them, requiring balance.    The rider will pull both feet forward and push with both feet again and glide with feet raised behind.  The balance comes from coordinating the arms and the torso/ hips.  The running bikes have steering dampers to prevent the handle bars turning 90 degrees, to prevent the bike flipping.  

What is your memory, and how does that relate to the memory of children learning and having continued fun with Kokua LIKEaBIKE running bikes.  

Kokua Bikes USA seeks to tell a story of inspiration and fun while building communities of young cyclers.  

Kokua LIKEaBIKE wood running bikes are made from sustainably forested birch and beech plywoods with marine grade adhesives.  

  Balance bikes  do not need so much space.  Building leg muscles little by little, LIKEaBIKE are a workout and an enabler to keep up with the adults - walking , jogging, running, in-line skating, biking.