LIKEaTRIKE Mountain spokey


The LIKEaTRIKE running tricycle is ready!
If you are looking for a tricycle without pedaling try LIKEaTRIKE!

LIKEaTRIKE midi tricycle is for children 4 years plus!  
Maximum load : 120 pounds (54.54 KG) 

LIKEaTRIKE Midi can be converted to a LIKEaBIKE MIDI with an optional conversion kit - Please ask at time of ordering if interested.  For additional $15 we include a pouch of transition parts.
The wheels are identical to those of LIKEaBIKE Spoky or LIKEaBIKE Mountain ( Size: 12.5 " ) .

It can be supplied with silver or black wire wheels or with wooden disc wheels made of birch plywood .

 The seat height adjusts in five positions from 16” -21.5”  (41-55 cm.)

 Weight: 13 pounds (5.900 Kg)

Sustainably forested (Forest Stewardship Council certified) Beech or Birch marine grade plywood, solid plywood wheels, Made in Germany by Kokua Bikes GmbH.  

Available in Three sizes, same as the LIKEABIKE models Mini, Mountain/ Forest, Midi sizes.  

Call  Brian 808-222-2377

8 AM- 3PM (Hawaii Standard Time)