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Available in Three sizes, same as the LIKEABIKE models Mini, Mountain/ Forest, Midi sizes.  




LIKEaTRIKE Mountain spokey


The LIKEaTRIKE running tricycle is ready!
If you are looking for a tricycle without pedaling try LIKEaTRIKE!

LIKEaTRIKE midi tricycle is for children 4 years plus!  
Maximum load : 120 pounds (54.54 KG) 

LIKEaTRIKE Midi can be converted to a LIKEaBIKE MIDI with an optional conversion kit - Please ask at time of ordering if interested.  For additional $15 we include a pouch of transition parts.
The wheels are identical to those of LIKEaBIKE Spoky or LIKEaBIKE Mountain ( Size: 12.5 " ) .

It can be supplied with silver or black wire wheels or with wooden disc wheels made of birch plywood .

 The seat height adjusts in five positions from 16” -21.5”  (41-55 cm.)

 Weight: 13 pounds (5.900 Kg)

Sustainably forested (Forest Stewardship Council certified) Beech or Birch marine grade plywood, solid plywood wheels, Made in Germany by Kokua Bikes GmbH.