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From Freddie on Oahu

"Thanks again! Really appreciate everything.  Lots of fun for my son and myself to spend time!"

From Adam in Brooklyn, NY

Your aluminum likeabike jumper is truly an amazing product. We love it. I am looking for a replacement o-ring for the steering damper.

We love the Kokua likeabike and I think we're now on the 6th kid learning to ride on it, in Brooklyn, London, and Montreal! It is currently used by my nephew in Brooklyn.   We bought it online about 10 years ago, when my oldest son was 2 and a half. 

From Dan on New England Coast

​"Sure, Brian. Thank you. Those parts will be very helpful."

This is very typical of communication I receive.  And,  why I love my job!  

From Steve in Florida


Thanks Freddie, for being such a good customer and for being so nice to your son!

I was so happy to read this comment!  A car backing over the jumper hardly did damage.  Marc disassembled the jumper, checked all the parts, and I sent a new handle bar and the shiny portion for the frame in a flat rate priority box.  The jumper is a series of parts that can be maintained for years of fun!  Way to turn around a mishap!  Thanks for riding Kokua!

Reading this made my day. Thank you Sara Z.!

 From Brian, President Kokua Bikes USA LLC 

mental speed bumps explained-The condition of finding the best, and of course most expensive, product to fill a need or create a new opportunity, but we can't get past the  initial cost.  Slowing ourselves down on making decisions.    

Everyone wants it, they just need to warm up to the idea of buying it for the benefit of children.    The discovery after getting past the mental speed bump is  that they are so happy.  

Yes, the rider was fine!  Peter is a well respected Physical Education instructor.  The LIKEaBIKE Jumper and LIKEaBIKE Maxi were first used in the K/1 PE program, and are now open equipment during recess time at the K/1 area.  The wild bike ride resulted in a cracked front fork on the Maxi.  Not a problem, we ordered  a new fork and replaced it easily.  Way to go Peter, the children really love you! 

From Peter in Honolulu, HI

The rider is fine. She got herself in a situation that was steeper than an anticipated and panicked. But that is what is great about these [balance] bikes is that they challenge the comfort level of the kids and they learn to push their own limits. There is not enough of this kind of thinking going these days. It is too protective and children are growing up not knowing or understanding how to push themselves or their limits

From Sara Z. on the east coast,  
"Wow. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking a thorough look at the pics and seeing what we need. I will definitely be recommending your brand to others, not just because your bikes are a great product, but because you have been so kind and helpful. Thanks again and take care!"

From Marc on the east coast

"Yes bike is back and my daughter is cruising the driveway. I greatly appreciate your help. Your customer service was outstanding I wish all companies would be half as good as you. 
Thanks for all the help."