Amazing German design  for maximum fun for children, maximum satisfaction for grown-ups, and maximum life span of the bike in the harshest of environments.  

Jackson Goldstone in youth.  See him now!

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International KOKUA Agents

Latest submission from KOKUA riders - Thanks for sharing!

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LIKEaBIKE = run/ balance  bikes

Kualoa Valley May 2016 - Scoping for xterra race course maintenance - video above and slideshow below.

Bennett at Sand Box Racing!  2015

LIKEtoBIKE =pedal bikes

Well built  light aluminum frames with nice components, the LtB16, LtB 20, and LtB 24 are available with a variety of options.  

Video of three Honolulu Community events!

Photos submitted by a KOKUA rider August 2016!    Evan won two out of the three heats for the three year old this year at the winter nationals at Black Mountian bmx. He had just turned three a week before!  

KOKUA Bikes USA went to Italy and then to  Eurobike 2016 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.    


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Photo slideshow of KOKUA BIKES USA at ​Honolulu Museum of Art  event August 21, 2016